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Superior Crafted Emergency First Responder Badges Manufactured Entirely In The U.S.A.

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Superior Crafted Emergency First Responder Badges Manufactured Entirely In The U.s.a.

As an authorized dealer for Smith & Warren and C.W. Nielsen Mfg Corp, Public Safety Logos knowledgeable personnel can assist with designing your beautifully manufactured regulation/commemorative/anniversary badges utilizing your preference of symbols and shapes, thereby allowing you to proudly display your department and rank. Custom manufacturing process enables us to create a high-value badge for public safety personnel.

Custom High-Quality Badges

Using the highest quality of equipment and latest technology for the finest finish and quality that is treasured for a lifetime.



We take great pride in marketing the best badge in the industry! Because our manufacturers know you take great pride in wearing them.

Every badge is made right here in the U.S.A. – Smith & Warren badges are manufactured in their highly efficient 27,000-square-foot facility in White Plains, New York.

Only Smith & Warren badges come with a Full Lifetime Warranty. – Every Smith & Warren badge is built to last a lifetime, and Smith & Warren is the only manufacturer to guarantee your badge with a Full Lifetime Warranty.

Fast reliable production on every style, in every finish. – Our entire team works together to ensure that we meet our fast production schedule and deliver a product that is second to none.

The Ultimate in Shine Protection! – The hardest, most durable protective clear-coat technology. Guaranteed to never chip, flake, crack or tarnish. Trust Smith & Warren for a badge that truly lasts.


You start with an idea We start drawing – Our goal is to design a badge that is truly tailored to you. Storytelling is Smith and Warren’s design mission. Your department is filled with history, symbolism and integrity. Your badge should have those same building blocks.

Design your own custom badges using the Public Safety Logos VisualBadge program. Within just a few clicks, you can select your choice of badge style and include your personalized information. One of the best things here is that you will be able to see what your order looks like prior to purchasing.

Public Safety Logos offers a wide selection of badges with many options available. See the collection of our badges to view examples of our previous work. Call 713-315-7502 or e-mail today and let’s discuss how we can take a stock badge and customize it to your specifications or get started on your new custom design.

About Us

We have been supplying high-quality custom badges and ranger buckle sets for our public safety personnel throughout the USA since 1996. We have a massive amount of experience with the manufacturing process, design, sales, and customer service.

Our extensive background in the industry allows us to better understand how much a badge or buckle means to the people who wear it. That is why we go the extra mile to create exceptional badges and buckles that give our customers an additional sense of pride.

At Public Safety Logos, we enjoy a reputation for unmatched merit in the industry. Although most of our badge manufacturing process is fully computerized, we still practice hands-on craftsmanship in order to create a high-value custom badge or buckle. We are dedicated to continuing this legacy up to date by responding to your unique needs with excellence.