Handgun Marksmanship

Handgun Marksmanship

Certified Firearms Instructor Michael Carrizales is certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety to teach the State LTC required course. As well as being registered and certified by the Texas Private Security Bureau as an Instructor to instruct the Level III Commissioned Security Officer and Level IV Personal Protection Officer courses.

Between the years of 1973 and 2011 Carrizales successfully graduated from three law enforcement academies, at county and federal levels, and served as a sheriff’s office deputy, municipal police officer and a federal law enforcement officer. During that same timeframe, Carrizales has amassed numerous firearm instructor proficiency hours and certifications. Having received training and/or coaching from:

  • The Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor Program;
  • Texas Private Security Bureau Personal Protection Officer a.k.a. Bodyguard, Instructor Certification;
  • Texas Commission On Law Enforcement Police Instructor Certification;
  • Patrick Robinette, Robinette Academy;
  • Lone Star College Law Enforcement Academy;
  • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Certification;
  • I.C.E. Founder, Rob Pincus;
  • Larry Pearson, Law Enforcement Trainer;
  • Sig Sauer Academy Instructor.

Personal One-on-One Firearms Instructor:

ONE on ONE firearms training provides the best, real-world firearms training and education available for those looking to legally carry concealed, or those who just want to learn to shoot and/or improve their shooting skills. Some people enjoy firearm training with others in our group lessons. For others, they learn in our one on one training environments. Carrizales offers private lessons where he can evaluate your ability and skill level.
The goal of our one-on-one training is to help you achieve your personal proficiency goals. All levels of shooters benefit from personalized instruction. One-on-one lessons last one or two hours and cover a variety of methods and techniques.

Firearm training covers entry-level firearm handling to advanced movement and multiple target engagement, a one-on-one lesson will take your proficiency to the next level. Personalized lessons are a great way for new shooters to grow in confidence with their firearm. Many times, people with little or no handgun experience, end up at a gun counter making a purchase based on price alone or someone’s recommendation. Additionally, they often end up at a public shooting range with no training and then ingrain bad habits from the start. Even worse, some will just purchase a handgun, buy a box of ammo and place it all in a drawer until they hear that ‘bump’ in the night… Don’t wait for that ‘bump’ in the night.

  • Starting at $100/hour for private instruction.(One free lesson after purchase of five lessons).
  • $135/hour for couple’s instruction.

Texas License to Carry Class (LTC):

This is the class needed to obtain your license to carry a handgun (LTC) from the State of Texas, it will allow you to carry a handgun open or concealed. The State of Texas requires a minimum 4-hour class (not including range time) to obtain your carry license. The average total class time including classroom and range is about 6 hours but may vary depending on class size.

The first step in getting your license to carry is to take the class. The required material taught in class is on a very basic level and easy to understand.

The required shooting portion of the class is also on a very basic level and focuses mostly on safe gun handling. Newer shooters often pass with ease. We will cover the application process in the class so there is nothing you need to do before taking the class. While the shooting portion of this class is on a basic level, newer shooters MUST already know the “basics” of safe handgun handling and must already know how to load and operate their handgun in a safe manner. If you do not know how to operate a handgun, you MUST take our basic handgun class before taking the license to carry class.

The Texas license to carry “LTC” is a 5-year license and you simply renew it online every 5 years, you no longer need a renewal class to renew your license. Current legislation identifies that once you take the initial class to receive your license, you will not have to take another class.

Please refer to TX DPS website http://www.dps.texas.gov/rsd/ltc/index.htm for additional information about handgun licensing and/or private security.

  • Starting at $75.00 for classroom proficiency.
    (One free classroom fee after group purchase of 10 individuals)
  • One-on-One LTC Shooting Proficiency for Students that have completed and received their Classroom Proficiency Online…$100.00

Texas Private Security Bureau Level III Commissioned Security Officer and Level IV Personal Protection Officer Classes:

The classroom and range proficiencies to become licensed as an (Armed) Commissioned Security Officer and/or a Personal Protection Officer within the State of Texas.

  • $165/Level III;
  • $200/Level IV;
  • $75.00 Level III Requalification

Classroom/Range Schedule

Class and Range Inquiries Call 713-315-7502 or Email info@publicsafetylogos.com for dates and times

Range Preference Sportsman's Outlet Indoor Range 1710 FM 1960 Bypass Rd E, Humble TX 77338